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Same Day Delivery

S&B Expedite offers a wide variety of time definite services whether your need is small or large. From small envelopes and packages to same day, scheduled, rush, expedited and on-demand deliveries, we have solutions for all your shipping needs!

Routed Delivery

S&B Expedite offers routed delivery services for our customers’ consistent needs. If you’re concerned with your current solution and would like a consultation, S&B Expedite can help. We offer consultative services that evaluate your current solution inclusive of detailed analytics. If inefficiencies are found, we can offer a step by step transition process to allow for overall and immediate improvement.

Retail Delivery

S&B Expedite provide services to e-retailers and in store retailers to get products to their customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and 7 days a week. We have solutions that can keep you stay on edge with the competition.

Errand Services

At S&B Expedite we want to make your life simple and help you free your time and leave the errands to us. We specialize in errand services for seniors to provide them with services such as but not limited to prescriptions, dry cleaning, mail, drop off and pickup and grocery shopping.

More services

Medical Delivery

Our drivers are trained to handle the special requirements of delivering blood specimens, pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment between hospitals, medical clinics and testing labs. S&B Expedite is equipped with professional-grade coolers to preserve pharmaceuticals and specimens.

Parts Delivery

When a commercial or industrial company needs one of the parts for a crucial repair, S&B expedite delivers it on the same day. We also pick up industrial maintenance and repair parts from local companies and deliver them to other businesses to maintain production.

Legal Courier Delivery

While many legal documents are delivered electronically these days, lawyers and courts still depend on courier services to transport hard copies that must be placed in somebody’s hand rather than in a recipient’s email inbox. S&B Expedite provides courier service for lawyers, government offices and courts throughout our delivery service area.



Packages are guaranteed to be delivered by the end of the business day if ordered by 4:00PM.


Packages are guaranteed to be delivered by noon the next day.

rush delivery service

Our most fastest delivery option. Packages are guaranteed to be delivered by the rush option chosen by the customer which runs in 1, 2 or 3 hours time slots.


This option requires at least 2 days advance notice to allow S&B Expedite to schedule drivers accordingly.

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